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Would you like to compare your own views and working methods with the international guidelines for risk management? And do you also want to be able to demonstrate that you master the theory? Then this intensive three-day training is a very good choice for you. The training leads to the globally recognized certification ISO 31000 Foundations Level - CRMF® Certificate of the Global Network for Independent Certification (www.gnic.be) upon successfully completing the exam.  

training content

The ISO 31000 standard defines 'risk' as the effect of uncertainty on objectives. This does not only concern threats, but also opportunities that influence the realization of those objectives. The document provides a conceptual framework for managing risk.

To effectively embed the management of opportunities and threats in the organization, those involved need a common language. ISO 31000 provides generally accepted terms and definitions. It also provides a common framework for dealing with the uncertain future in a focused manner. The guideline acts as an umbrella above the risk-based standards such as ISO 9000, ISO 14000 and ISO 22000. This makes these guidelines very valuable when dealing with uncertainty in an integrated way.

benefits for you

A selection of reactions from participants in previous editions of this training:

  • “Finally overview and coherence - the pieces of the puzzle have really fallen into place for me.”
  • “The guidelines are much more practical than I thought. It starts with how you define your success.”
  • “I now have a kind of coat rack on which I can hang many things that we already have.”
  • “New for me was to think from the perspective of the interests of your stakeholders.”
  • “I now see that we have overcomplicate things. In our organization we are mainly focused on demonstrability rather than what it is really about: making better decisions.”
  • “Risk analysis has now become a useful tool for me to check to what extent our processes and projects are in order.”
  • “It has become much clearer to me that a risk owner not only has accountability, but must also have appropriate authority and resources.”
  • “I myself had not yet made the important link with decision-making at all levels within our company. That was a real eye-opener for me.”
  • “I hadn't paid enough attention to the fact that designing, executing, evaluating and improving control measures is primarily a matter of making choices.”
  • “I notice that in practice we mainly focus on preventive measures. Now I see that it's all about having a good mix of your control measures.”
  • “I must confess that before this I did not realize how decisive the risk management principles are, especially the human factors, culture, leadership, etc.

result of the training

After this training you know what the ISO 31000 Risk Management guidelines for sound risk management entail. You'll learn to interpret these guidelines and integrate them into the existing management system. In this way you are able to get started in a structured way with the implementation and optimization of dealing with opportunities and threats within your organization.  


Participants from, among others, the following organizations preceded you in previous editions of this certification training that I have provided:

ABN AMRO Bank - Aegon - Netherlands Court of Audit - Alstom Transport - Antea Group - a.s.r. verzekeringen - B. Schulte Shipmanagement, Cyprus - Balance - BDO - BT Global Services - Cannock Chase - Capital Market Authority, Saudi Arabia - CERRIX - Condotte SpA, Norway - DAS - Dutch Central Bank - DELA - Deloitte Advisory, Denmark - Eandis, Belgium - Elmar, Aruba - Eneco - European Central Bank, Germany - European Space Agency - FCCA, Aruba - Financial Compliance Group, Norway - Fourthline - Municipality of The Hague - Heineken - ING - Innogy - International Criminal Court - Interxion - Klaverblad Verzekeringen - KPN - Kuhne+Nagel, Zwitserland - Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Ministry of Defence - Movares - Dutch Certification Institute - Novamedia - Oman Shipping Company - Onderlinge ‘s-Gravenhage - ONVZ Zorgverzekeraar - Orsted A/S, Denmark - Dutch National Police - Prorail - PwC Advisory, Italy - Rabobank - RDW - Recruit Global Staffing - Rentokil-Initial - RTL Group, Luxembourg - Saudi Food and Drug Authority, Saudi Arabia - Schlumberger, France - Security Bravos, Mozambique - SK Biotek, Ireland - SVB - Stedin - Strycker - SWIFT - Tauw - Tennet - Technical University Delft - UWV - Van Oord - VIVAT - Vodafone Germany - WEB, Aruba - Wordline, Belgium - Zorg en Zekerheid 

target audience

ISO 31000 Risk Management guidelines provide an approach to effective risk management that is suitable for all types of organizations and for all types of risk. This certification training is therefore a must for anyone who plays an important role in risk management in your organization, such as:

  • general and operations managers
  • financial and business controllers
  • (IT) risk managers
  • quality managers
  • ISO and KAM auditors
  • security, facility and business continuity managers
  • compliance officers
  • internal, operational and financial auditors.

A specific previous education is not required to participate in this training. Bachelor level education is recommended. Due to the intensive nature of this training, the number of participants per edition is limited.


You can choose from the variants below. See the registration form for next training dates.




training structure


digital exam

CPE credits 

open subscription


3 consecutive days (including the exam)

av. 6 hours 

on the third day 



open subscription


5 Zoom sessions of 2 hours on 2,5 consecutive days

av. 14 hours

on a date of your choice





3 consecutive days on dates of your choice 

av. 6 hours 

on the third day   





5 Zoom session of 2 uur on dates of your choice

av. 14 hours 

on a date of your choice





5 Zoom sessions of 1,5 hours on dates of your choice 

av. 14 hours 

on a date of your choice





1 Zoom session of 1 hour on a date of your choice

av. 3 hours

on a date of your choice


With the virtual editions, the times of the Zoom sessions are freely selectable. Variant E allows optimal individual guidance; the usual turnaround time is two weeks.

Variant F concerns the recertification by GNIC of those who have previously been personally certified at an institute for the ISO 31000:2009/2018 Guidelines. The individual Zoom session enables you to optimally prepare for the digital "open book" exam of 20 multiple choice questions. In preparation for the session, you will receive an extensive presentation and an explanation video. The presentation contains further information on the differences between the 2009 and 2018 editions of the Guidelines. As part of applying for this exam, you must provide evidence of your previous certification.

training materials

The materials for the regular training (variants A through E) consists of an extensive presentation and background information, which will be sent to you in a timely manner and with instructions. With the virtual editions you will also receive five explanation videos in preparation for the Zoom sessions, as well as the study guide that details the required preparations for each session.

During the training you will make many practice assignments and exam questions, which will help you to prepare optimally for the exam. The assignments and discussions also offer excellent opportunities to make the translation into your own practice.

exam and certification

The ISO 31000 exam covers the following topics:  

  • risk management concepts, terms and definitions
  • the risk management principles 
  • the risk management framework
  • the risk management process.

During the closed book exam you have to answer 80 multiple choice questions. To pass the exam you must have answered 75% of the questions correctly. In the unlikely event that you do not pass the exam, you can retake the exam free of charge within six months.

The exam meets the requirements of the ISO/IEC 17024 standard, which aims to harmonize the certification of experts worldwide. If you have passed the exam, you will receive your personal certificate from GNIC ISO 31000 Foundations Level - CRMF® Certificate. Further details can be found here

dates and venue

The physical training courses with open enrollment - with the exam on the third day - are given four times a year. See the registration form (at Training options & dates) for the schedule. The training days start at 09:00 and last until 17:00. The location is: Regardz La Vie, Utrecht (nearby the Central Station).  


I have over 25 years of international management, consulting and training experience in governance, internal control, performance, finance, audit, compliance, quality and risk management. I have been a Certified Trainer for ISO 31000 since 2014. I also provide international COSO ERM Certificate and COSO Internal Control Certificate training courses.

Please refer to my LinkedIn profile for my resume and for recommendations.

your investment and conditions

The total costs for the fully provided training with open enrollment are EUR 2,350 (excluding VAT if applicable). The costs for the certification are included in the examination fee of EUR 250 (excluding VAT). After your registration you will receive an invoice. Attractive discounts apply for in-company training; please inquire about the training options without certification, too.

The costs for the recertification (variant E) including the exam are EUR 375 (excluding VAT).

You can register for the training variant and the exams by filling in the digital registration form below. By submitting the form you indicate that you agree to the following conditions:

  1. The costs of the training plus the exam must haven been received on the bank account of MdP | Management, Consulting & Training prior to the start of the training. Cancellations must be communicated by email to info@waardemanagement.nu.
  2. Substitutes are allowed at all times, provided condition 1 has been met.
  3. Cancellations:
    - between 30 and 15 days before the start of the training, lead to a payment obligation of 50% of the costs of the training;
    - during two weeks before the start of the training and "no shows" lead to a payment obligation of 100% of the costs of the training.

  4. In special circumstances, if canceled one week before the start of a training with open enrollment, participation can be moved to the next edition. In that case, cancellation costs of EUR 250 are due caused by the applicable reservation obligations with regard to the training venue.
  5. Registration for the training and the GNIC exam entails that some personal data is registered in the GNIC administration. GNIC may use this information to provide those involved with further information about its activities.

information and enrollment 

You can register for the different variants of the training and the exam by filling in the form below. By submitting the form you indicate that you agree to the above conditions.